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This is an imaginary movie quote nr. 1.Do enjoy.

I wanna put flowers everywhere, bathe in flowers, swim in flowers, sleep in flowers, throw flowers at people’s faces, smell and smell and smell flowers, flowers are beautiful, call me maybe. lol
Saturday morning after drinking merely a few pints of beer for some (dark) magical reason I felt tremendously guilty. Fortunately, I was able to catch this thought of mine still lying in my bed - this is how you transform yo’self. Then I stood up, went to the bathroom and fainted 3 times in a row. Standing up in the hallway the third time was a real what-the-fucking-fuck moment. Now my ribs, head and ass hurts. But I promised myself not to ever feel guilty again. Not of drinking, not of eating, not of writing shit of an essay, not of sleeping with someone I better hadn’t - no. I am free and (still) alive. Therefore, I should live. Sa-fucking-lut!
being heartless - failing miserably. duh duh duh,not back to boring, no !

Early sexual knowledge is like getting a plate without any food for breakfast.


On January 2nd I promised myself:


And because now more strongly than ever I think dying is the best thing that can be waiting for humanity, I have no other choice but to march through life relentlessly and passionately. Also to be true and fair to myself. My soul has many revitalising surprises for the slightly tired mind, many more experiences are gonna be recorded and shared. 


feeling like a balloon of anxious, horny, wise (lol) and needy. yea, easy breezy ffs

shitting all over the internet trying to express my emotional state b/c I have no friends who could understand how my things roll atm
booyah, such a slight line between stupidity and inner power. so I’ll try to think of beautiful things, diamonds, cigarettes, lipsticks and maths now. DERIVE BITCH
I hope some day I’ll think:wow, those uni days seemed horrible, but look at me know, without it I wouldn’t have…………………………………..I don’t know who I am. Quite literally.All my special abilities suddenly turned into not so special disabilities.
I avoid looking at my own face in the mirror - it seems so distant and vague.

Something’s wrong in me and I cannot fix it. Nor live with it.I really really don’t know what I am doing here.

Layers unfold?
Enough of the people hunt, remember that one? Well in a way I’m a bit overloaded. Reject, or take advantage and leave. Oh sweet sweet imagination. Are there any assholes left? Anyone? Wanna bang my guts out, then leave without saying a single word? No conversations, keeping your fucking thoughts in your head? Hello?! Oh November, you cold piece of shit
I have more than a fatal dose of iron in my bag. I woke up happy, however, this makes me even happier. yeah, damn it, I CAN do it, but I won’t, because I CHOSE SO.
DECIDE.I think that would solve 99% of my problems. Doing it on a daily (hourly, minutely, secondly etc. basis) of course. Just taking control over how my thangs roll. Oh boy. Look at this half empty bed, all the not so girly mess all over my room. The clock hits first hours of the morning. I’m getting back to my old habits - not a single personal decision; stay up late, look at things online, make jokes, make excuses, sleep, be afraid, regret, start over, succeed, fail, make plans, try to get away, feel cold, long stare at condom section at the drugstore, iron deficiency, fatigue, dirty pipes, little personal approach, inefficient learning, disappointment, the surroundings, lovely walk, facebook chats, other minor crap - here you go, short summary of my Edinburgh. Most things are just ‘beneficial’. Hunger games, however, strike again; bad habits, unfortunately, fight back. It is so boring that even death (well obviously I should have arrived to this topic at some point) seems too boring to consider. the only thing left to do is decide something. par exemple, faire un plan. or whatever, I will vanish eventually, why bother rushing?why is this so dark for fuck’s sake? I didn’t intend it to be that.all what I wanted to say was that a girl needs:an iPhone, a digital sassy wavy perm, a winter coat, a summer internship, an Erasmus year in France, Italy or Spain and a Man by her side. Yep, that’s about it for now.
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